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What Is SMARTParcel & How can it help you?

Whether your business depends on your Mail Center or on Commercial Shipping, you’re aware of one undeniable fact: developing an effective and efficient operation today is a double-edged sword.

On one hand, the USPS and carrier rates are continuing to rise, whether you’re sending to residences or to other businesses, light or heavy packages, and no matter what zone you’re shipping to, your business will be affected. On the other hand, your customers are demanding better, faster services. So how do you address both sides and still reduce your costs?

Whether you search for answers for a Mail Center, for a shipping environment or both, SMARTParcel may be your best decision! SMARTParcel™ is a MAIL Group product. We partner with and power SMARTParcel with Stamps.com®, a leading provider of Internet-based postage service.

SMARTParcel in the Mail Center

In the Mail Center, SMARTParcel and its proprietary software will provide you Commercial Base rates or, depending on your volume, may be better than Commercial Base.

SMARTParcel will also:

  • Provide easy access to acquire an IMpb
  • Support charge back to multiple accounts,
  • Eliminate over-labeling
  • Reduce data entry time on your preaddressed mail
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Qualify your Priority Mail packages for $100 of insurance per piece at no charge

smart parcel mailroom solutions

SMARTParcel in a Shipping Environment

In the Shipping environment, SMARTParcel offers the speed and reliability of USPS Priority Mail, while eliminating:

  • Fuel Surcharges
  • Residential Surcharges
  • Delivery Area Surcharges to Residential Addresses (DAS)
  • Delivery Area Surcharges to Commercial Addresses (DAS)
  • Surcharge to a residence in a DAS (pay both charges)
  • Address Correction Fee
  • Saturday Delivery Fees
  • Fees for Alaska or Hawaii
  • Eliminate the pain of DIM weight pricing

smart- parcel shipping solutions