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Mail Centers Get Busy on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Graphic

Cyber Monday has a direct impact on mail centers across the nation. As mail processing volume picks up, managers are looking very closely at how quickly a package can be processed along with any other cost cutting mail processing tools. This includes looking at the minute  details of how each package is processed.

Kathy Beck, a spokesperson at The MAIL Group, an Indiana based fulfillment center and software development company said,”Our SMART Parcel package processing tools are a perfect fit for the holidays; providing our clients’ mail center personnel with cost effective methods of quickly processing their daily parcels.” Kathy continues, “It is all about daily parcel process management.”

It is important to note that Cyber Monday gets mail centers hopping for the next four to eight weeks with activities revolving around servicing their clients’ fulfillment requests. As seasonal staffing increases with the holiday season, more and more mail centers required more streamlined tools like SMART Parcel to increase productivity and reduce costs–all at the same time.

Seeing how the SMART Parcel tools have been implemented at the Lafayette fulfillment center, you can quickly see how parcel mail management can be a breeze for any mail center.The nonstop parcel processing sets the stage for tracking USPS movement and satisfying real time parcel reporting

“The MAIL Group is doing more than just creating Smart Parcel tools,” Kathy said, “we are helping merchants reduce both mail center overhead and shipping costs, thus freeing them to focus on their core business.


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