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Amazing USPS Small Parcel Shipment Discounts

Lower Small Parcel Shipment Costs with SMARTParcel

The SMARTParcel system is ideal for organizations that routinely ship small parcels daily and leverage USPS benefits for delivery.


Did You Know?

The SMARTParcel system is designed to meet all United States Postal Service (USPS) regulatory requirements for parcel and flat mailing, including the Intelligent Mail® Parcel barcode (IMpb). Unlike the various online retailers that cannot account for USPS postage savings, the SMARTParcel system takes advantage of current and upcoming USPS pricing discounts.

The Steps are Simple. Place a parcel or flat on the scale and the following is initiated:

  • SMARTParcel™ grabs the weight
  • Camera automatically scans utilizing OCR address recognition
  • Address is verified and corrected
  • Enter SMARTRuler™ dimensions & select how the parcel is to be shipped
  • Labels print automatically

Repeat the steps and your parcels and flats are ready for your daily USPS pick-up.