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What are the benefits of IMpb?

USPS Impb LabelThere is no longer a need for your parcel to be scanned 11 times. All companies and customers can easily track information, while improving USPS customer service with FREE insurance and without having to go to the post office to purchase it.

It’s all about savings on postage and yes package size, weight, class and distance of delivery are factors.

In order to take advantage of IMpb, all packages are required to have a unique tracking IMpb barcode. To qualify, businesses must have their own web based shipping solution or application. The good thing is that most businesses that have been transacting online already have applications that incorporate shipping charges into the shopping experience.

Due to the above changes, business owners should check with their providers on how these changes affect them. Some vendor apps like SMARTParcel™ have automatic updates while others must install software patches.

Source: DMM Revision: New Standards to Enhance Package Visibility