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The USPS Parcel Labeling Guide

The United States Postal Services has an excellent guide on everything you would want (and need) to know about a label for typical parcel. This downloadable document is called “United States Postal Service® Parcel Labeling Guide.”

USPS Parcel Label Training Image

After the document’s general introduction, chapter two digs into the label design elements to include the rules on color and the recommended fonts.

Chapter two continues with a detailed explanation of all the label components.

Chapter three discusses different label designs (4×6, 4×4, 6×3, etc.) and where the components of the label should be located.

Chapter four addresses other types of labels such as the Parcel Return Service Label and Critical Mail Labels (requires a Critical Mail envelope.) The USPS is very specific on how these labels are to be created.

The appendices include information on:

  • Appendix A presents a detailed description of the barcode specifications.
  • Appendix B provides a “quick reference guide” on proper addressing.
  • Appendix C provides clarity on the font and how this plays into OCR capabilities.
  • Appendix D is about the proper placement of a label on various types of parcels
  • Appendix E gives a breakdown of the USPS trademarked Service Banner Extensions (1-Day, 2-Day, 3-Day, MILITARY, DPO, etc.)
  • Appendix F provides a nice assortment of example lables.
  • Appendix G lists the reference documents and
  • Appendix H wraps up the document with its revision history.

This is a ‘go-to’ document for any Mail Center/Mail Room.

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