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Are We Really Ready for Drone Delivery?

Drone TestingWith all the press about drones delivering parcels to your doorstep, a few questions need to be considered before abandoning traditional methods of shipping products.


Unmanned drones will eventually experience technical failure. When this happens, how will the safety of those beneath the drone be addressed? It would be a major problem having a drone fall silently out of the sky on one of our children playing in the backyard.

There is the potential for collisions with other drones, tall buildings, or with small aircraft travelling at much faster speeds than a drone. Now we have drone debris.

Air Traffic Control for all Drone Companies

We hear a lot about Amazon’s drone goals, but there are other companies working hard to implement their own drone solutions. Will there be a centralized Air Traffic Control System that is fair and with proper FAA oversight? How will the recently tens of thousands of FAA registered-hobbyists factor into the equation?

Drone Terrorism

With terrorists working hard to infiltrate everything technological, it’s only a matter of time before we see technology that interferes with drones. Not only interfering with the drone but the timing of drone interference.


Commercial unmanned drones are to be equipped with cameras. We now have the potential invasion of privacy with ‘peeping-tom’ drones passing by windows, over backyards, and wherever a drone can fly.


Drones have propeller blades. Propellers make noise. Buzzing drones over our homes may become a future issue.

Today’s Delivery

Obviously, technical and regulatory questions need to be addressed. And with the above in mind, retailers should be looking for solutions to today’s challenges and not worrying about George Jetson’s self-flying vehicle.

No one delivery solution fits all customer profiles. Delivery preferences will vary significantly from customer to customer. We need to know our customer and continue to tailor delivery solutions that save time and overhead.