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RFID Parcel Handling Technology

Currently, the U.S. Postal Service uses time-consuming barcode scanning tools to track parcels through their delivery systems. The combination of getting backed-up mail pieces through the system and the increasing number of labor hours required to process the parcels is being addressed as the USPS Parcel processing business continues to grow.

A number of shipping industry specialists have been testing RFID technology. RFID would provide real time multi-tag recognition and dramatically speed up the process of tracking the entire handling process from pick up to delivery. Testing has shown some very promising results with further testing and analysis required before data is made public.

An example of RFID technology being used today can be found with RFID-chips being incorporated into luggage tags. The chip emits a unique signature which sensors detect to locate the tagged object. See: LAS Expansion Features RFID Technology To Track Baggage

RFID Luggage Tags