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Domino’s Pizza Delivery and Drones

One of Dominos’ franchises in Auckland, New Zealand, delivered a pizza via drone for the first time. With this test run, Dominos hopes to build a regular drone delivery service by the end of this year from a central location in New Zealand. This will make the company the first to commercially deliver a product; what other firms, such as Amazon, have been working on for years.

Pizza By Drone

However, a YouGov poll indicates many Americans are skeptical of airborne pizza. Some of the stats include:

  • 35% of people aged 18 and older think drones are capable of delivering pizza without a hitch.
  • 32% of people believe a drone will let go of the food when it’s supposed to
  • 34% anticipate that their order will arrive at the right temperature.
  • 50% indicate that they’d expect orders to arrive on time and at the correct address.
  • 18 to 34 year olds have higher levels of trust in the delivery process than those older