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Parcel Shipping Tips

Box Ready To Be Taped Shut

It is easy to overlook some of the basics when preparing your parcel for shipping. While the box needs to be big enough for items to fit with a generous gap all the way around, you will also want to make sure the box is not overly large.

Several non-USPS shippers have expanded their use of Dimensional Weight Pricing (DIM.) This has the potential of a 1-pound domestic box with 12″x12″x12″ dimensions to be billed at a rate upwards to 11-pounds.

Here are several helpful tips:

  • The US Post Office provides their customers with free boxes and envelopes when shipping items Priority or Express Mail. The other carriers — with Express Services — will provide containers of various sizes.
  • Before heading to the shipper’s brick-and-mortar retail outlet, you will find that the organization’s website is less expensive.
  • Place a second address label in the parcel in case the label on the outside of the box comes off during shipping.
  • Carrier’s website will give you the closest drop off locations to work or home.

Shippers and mail centers are using SMARTParcel™ to provide even more parcel processing benefits.