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Commingled Mail

Commingled mail is merged mail. Your mail is mixed with mail from other organizations to achieve greater zip density.  Mail can then be drop-shipped further into the mail stream for efficient and enhanced delivery.  Each mail piece is given a unique code to mingle with other mail pieces going to the same destinations. Our proprietary software and strategic mail methodology blends multiple rates and mail piece weights.

Co-Palletized mail

Co-Palletized mail involves combining sorted mail trays on a single pallet. With Co-Palletization, MAIL Inc. secures additional discounts. It is this combining of mail onto pallets that allows for dropping your mail deeper into the mail stream.

By reducing the number of times the USPS handles your mail, co-Palletized mail results in faster shipping,  as well as reducing postal expense.

Commingled Mail

  • Presort Commingling to enhance delivery
  • Bulk Mail Center Drop Shipments

Co-Palletized Mail

  • Generated USPS Qualification Reports
  • Secured Pallets / Pallet Integrity QA Methods

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Leverage the power of MAIL Inc: Mail & lightweight parcel pick-up, sorting, direct electronic manifest sent to USPS and delivery.

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