SMARTParcel Mail Center Solutions

There have been significant changes that impact the mail services recently. Without actions to address those changes, the mail center revenue can experience a negative impact that is historic.

  • Without an IMpb, mail centers not only lose Commercial Base rates, the alternative is the significant increase of Retail rates.
  • Retail rates increase postage from a low of $0.62 to a high of $21.93 per piece, depending on the weight and zone.
  • Obtaining an IMpb on pre-addressed mail can significantly add to processing overhead.

Mail Centers have now experienced the requirement for postage meters to affix a full data Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMpb) to Priority Mail and parcels. All have lost their Commercial Base rate and are now using the Retail rate or have acquired an alternative solution at significant expense.

Most mail arriving in the mail center is pre-addressed. So is the answer keying the entire name and address to produce the required IMpb/postage label? And then, the next question is, are there alternatives to placing a 4″ x 6″ shipping label over the top of the pre-existing address? Mail center managers are looking at additional labor and supplies expense required to affix the IMpb.

Our Team heard from mailing equipment dealers. The dealers expressed concerns that postage meter operators may opt for the Retail Priority Mail rate. Corporate mailers cannot easily absorb the postage increase of $0.62 to $21.93 per piece by going from Commercial Base to the Retail rate (depending on rate and zone).

SMARTParcel in the mail center, not only simplifies the process, but offers our clients better than Commercial Base rate and simplifies techniques for computing cubic pricing


  • SMARTParcel offers an simple solution to acquiring an IMpb
  • SMARTParcel includes rates that are better than Commercial Base
  • SMARTParcel will reduce data entry time and reduce address errors.
  • SMARTParcel is powered by®, a leading provider of Internet-based postage service, so you can expect great ease-of-use, as well as award-winning customer support.

So What is the SMARTParcel Process in the Mail Center?

The workflow begins when the mail arrives in your mail center. As the first cost center batch is received, the mail will be processed at the meter.  As you encounter flats weighing 13 ounces or greater and parcels, segment those pieces to move to the SMARTParcel Workstation with its identifying paperwork or barcode.

At the SMARTParcel Workstation, the tools needed include:

  • a computer
  • a broadband internet connection
  • a label printer with peeler
  • an inkjet or laser printer for postal paperwork
  • a scanner (optional)
  • and a scale

You’ll find the required specifications on the SMARTParcel website under Mail Center Tools or you can download a .pdf file from the Resource page.

At the SMARTParcel Workstation the process begins:

  1. Scan the identifying bar code to assign cost center
  2. Place the piece on the scale and select package type
  3. Using SMARTRuler, input the height, length, width and weight of the flat or parcel
  4. Begin addressing the mail piece with SMARTKeying
  5. Select your preferred mailing option
  6. Affix the stealth postage label and IMpb

To see this process in action, call 888 962 8638 and ask for SMARTParcel, or complete the simple form on the Contact Us page.