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Reduce Overhead Expenses

Presorting letters is a cost-effective way to send fully addressed mail. You’ll obtain discounted postage rates when sending more than 300 processed, (sorted and barcoded) items. MAIL Inc. processes mail for both profit and nonprofit entities at the same time. Through our procedures, you benefit by obtaining postal rate reduction and faster delivery.


  • Bar-coded and Sorted Mail Saves money
  • Bar-coded and Sorted Mail Speeds Delivery

MAIL Inc offers

  • Use of the Required USPS Permits
  • Software that meets all USPS Certifications

How It’s Done

MAIL Inc. barcodes every mail piece, then sorts, places mail into trays (with tags,) drops it at the Post Office, and submits the required electronic reports to the USPS data center.

In order to qualify for discounts, MAIL Inc. compares your addresses with the USPS national address database to perform address hygiene. Our barcode software complies with the USPS rules of CASS and DPV certifications. That means that inside our software, we have access to every deliverable address and can verify that your files matches the USPS master list. Common mistakes are fixed automatically and exception lists are produced. The United States Postal Service typically updates its databases every 1-3 months to ensure addresses are current.

Barcoded mail travels faster than mail without a barcode. When your mail is submitted to the Post Office, many of their expensive processing steps are eliminated; resulting in additional savings for you. Placing your mail in trays with the correct forms tells the USPS what is being mailed and where it needs to go.

Commingled Mail

Commingled mail from multiple entities, pre-address verification, and e-filing the required USPS reports leads to postal discounts.

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