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Challenges — and opportunities — are causing mail centers and fulfillment/logistics providers to rethink their process in order to best serve their clients. We believe the solution to the challenges of both the mail center and the shipper are found in SMARTParcel:


Mail Center Insights

Shipping Insights

It is no secret that the two major parcel carriers provide shippers with invoices in arrears that are loaded with costly surprises. Aside from the current multitude of surcharges and fees, there are additional unpleasant surprises that are now occurring beyond the stated 4.9% increases –the rollout of DIM Weight Pricing.

Additionally, mail services are now experiencing the USPS requirement for postage meters to affix a full data Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMpb) to Priority Mail and parcels. That requirement means that they lost their Commercial Base rate and are now using Retail rates; or they acquired a costly alternative solution to maintain the Commercial Base rate. So what’s the answer to avoid keying the entire name and address to produce the required IMpb/postage label? SMARTParcel!

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SMARTParcel™ in the Mailroom Demo 2