SMARTParcel In The Shipping Environment

There are significant changes that are happening in the shipper’s world. Without actions to address them, businesses will encounter historic incremental expense. Depending on which mail experts you listen to, the negative impact on the bottom line will be double digit, and range from 11 percent to 30 percent:

  • On December 29, 2014, UPS increased their rates and fees. They also implemented Dimensional Weight Pricing.
  • On January 5, 2015, FedEx increased their rates and fees. They also implemented Dimensional Weight Pricing on all shipments.
  • The USPS has lowered commercial pricing for Priority Mail®.

Many shippers are die-hard fans of the big two, but with their changes it is becoming a new day for the USPS. With good programs and pricing, employee training and forward-thinking technology, the USPS has become a valid competitor. Though Priority Mail had never been on the radar before, because of it, a new program, SMARTParcel was born.

SMARTParcel came from the realization that Priority Mail offers a great opportunity because of its new pricing model, the benefits of IMpb, new insurance features and surcharge free rates. The program provides value.  SMARTParcel quickly eases the pain of delivery area surcharges, residential surcharges and address correction fees. SMARTParcel cubic pricing rewards our shippers with better rates when “right-sizing” instead of penalizing the shipper, if they don’t.

Priority Mail, with its 1-3 day nation-wide delivery standard versus the 5 day ground standard, the IMpb, and new reduced Priority Mail rates, opens to the door to SMARTParcel.

Enhance Your Rate Opportunities with SMARTParcel!

  • Discover savings on lighter-weight and dense-pack parcels
  • SMARTParcel includes the power of Cubic pricing for 1 – 20lbs.
  • Obtain $100 insurance per package at no charge ($50 more than with Commercial Base!)