One Complete Solution
Bringing these four companies together under THE MAIL GROUP roof will make such a tremendous difference for our customers and to the 3pl space at large in North America and internationally.

These four companies–while they offer some differences in services–share similar attributes I think are some of the most important attributes we look for, not just in our people, but in what we represent as a company.

Our entrepreneurial spirit and passion for what we do, our smart lean approach to doing business, our tireless work ethic, and the decades of experience lead to where people have gotten to in our businesses today; to really make the day to day effort on behalf of our customers.

Lastly, in the decades of experience that our people bring together in these four companies is unrivaled. All this combined allows us to offer more and better services under one roof than ever before in the 3pl marketplace.

Leveraging all our services under one roof we are able to continue to drive prices down by having more consolidated volumes worldwide.

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